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International ... Peter Gabriel

'Sanremo again?!? But it is already past one week !!'...
Yes yes, we could rest assured at least a year, but we are still not able to detoxify and then continue undeterred with our little book, going to review what we believe are the best moments of Festival, which is great foreign guests.
go back to 1983 for this edition to forget for the winner, who was Tiziana Rival with his "that experience" , but definitely remember the fourth of Matia Bazar , who presented with their masterpiece "Roman Holiday" ...
The defining moment of the festival was, however, we believe the performance of a great contemporary music: Peter Gabriel . The founder of the legendary
Genesis (one of the most important Progressive Rock band in the world), from which, however, had been divorced since 1975, had arrived at the publication of his fourth solo album, without a name as the previous three ( In fact, it is customary to call only I, II, III and IV ), known to fans but also with the title of "Security" .
Famous for its highly theatrical show in which various characters are often used to disguise himself as a "fantastic" for his invention, even for the exhibition of San Remo was able to surprise its viewers ...
The song "sung" in playback for the occasion, was the super hit "Shock The Monkey" , beautiful song that describes the anxieties derived from jealousy, and leads through the image of a monkey (we suggest among other things, also the splendid original video clip). And the choreography proposals
Sanremo resumed precisely the figure of a primate, to whom the same Gabriel was rigged and of which he imitated the movements ... Very
show, with unexpected super surprise at the end (very famous), but we do not want to reveal to those who still have never had the pleasure of seeing ... But that blow! Shock!

Sanremo 1983 - The Shock Monckey

Shock The Monkey - Video Journal



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